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  • Kyaw San Tun

    Hello, we purchased kolida k5 plus with one base and two rover from one import company at August 2019. But we did not get from import company such as egstar, kolida FieldGenious and survCE softwares since. Can you give me suitable advice.

    2020-06-20 11:23:52

    From Myanmar

  • Faishal Hadi Pratama

    Please Info Dealer in Indonesia ( Jakarta ) Thanks

    2020-06-16 19:34:39

    From Indonesia

  • Ibrahim Mohammed

    Dear Sir, Our company bought a collimator model KCS-2 before 8 years and we lost the installation manual. so I was wondering if you can tell where to download it or if you can send it to my email address. Thank you.

    2020-06-04 20:41:29

    From Saudi Arabia

  • G Mahesh

    Instrument price in India

    2020-06-01 20:58:40

    From India

  • Admin

    Dear Clients, When you report error and ask for technical support, please mention your instrument number. For example, KTS-442LLC, number K120012. Or K5plus, A82587117260512WHS It will save time.

    2020-05-06 11:52:35

    From China


    Hello, I use Kollida K5-PLUS and i have a problem, I have two controllers one of the two keep stucking when using and when its stuck wont work until you remove the battery. is there any means to fix this. AND the other controller i formatted it by mistake and the EGSTAR software was removed, how do i get another apk and how to install it. Thank you

    2020-05-05 21:47:43

    From Tanzania