The fusion of SLAM positioning and Laser Scanning, fit for various indoor/ outdoor high precision mapping projects.

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  • George

    Hello. I have a issue with my rtk machine. Its A Kolida K20s. The issue its the Bluetooth its not connecting. I av restored the machine. If i check on the wifi web. The Bluetooth its on. I try putting the pin 0000 or 1234 still not working. All i get its the message. Unable to establish Bluetooth Communication............

    2023-02-06 14:53:47

    From Kenya

  • Gebrerufael

    We are Algorithm Trading PLC. We want to buy GNSS GPS, Channel: 555, System: Word/Android. Kindly send us Price quotes, catalogue, user user manual and dealer certificate.

    2023-01-27 00:50:14

    From Ethiopia

  • Koto

    Hello, Please give me a quotation (best offers) of an RTK pair with all accessories and IMU. • Tripod • Mobile pole • Controller • Base and adapter It is urgent. Best Regards

    2023-01-13 16:08:14

    From Burkina Faso

  • ahmad

    hello. is it possible to send me the old version of egstar3 software? I am grateful.

    2023-01-11 12:06:30

    From Iran

  • Jauhar uddin

    Hi i have kolida ts 441 and language is in chinees how to convert it to english

    2023-01-08 23:48:15

    From Pakistan

  • Leonardo Catalán

    Tengo un GPS RTK Kolida K5Plus necesito el archivo para hacer el upgrade de firmware.

    2023-01-05 21:12:44

    From chile