The fusion of SLAM positioning and Laser Scanning, fit for various indoor/ outdoor high precision mapping projects.

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    Bom dia, preciso preencher uma série de informações do GNSS KOLK58PLUS2018 - SG3X-7970A, adquirido pela minha empresa sob a coordenação da All Comp do município de Porto Alegre, nº de série AG30BB148019076EDA, com o intuito de obter melhores resultados para fins de georreferenciamento. seguem a lista de informações, quais não encontrei: parâmetros todos em milímetros Raio. L1 base offset (A1) L2 base offset (A2) L1 Plano offset (C1) L2 Plano offset (C2) L1 Este offset (E1) L2 Este offset (E2) L1 Norte offset (N1) L2 Norte offset (N2) No aguardo de um retorno, desde já meu muito obrigado. Atenciosamente, Maiquel Rosa da Cruz

    2023-10-09 20:47:46

    From Brasil

  • avril

    hi, please add in download section demo version for your controller android app and PC software for gnss and total station , we want to check how good is the software before any purchase thank you

    2023-09-13 07:24:30

    From canada

  • Jan Alday

    We would greatly appreciate it if you could confirm the availability and provide us with a quotation of the following equipment at your earliest convenience. 1. Rig Move Navigation System (1 set), Including RTK Rover 2. RTK Base Station (1 set), Including Telemetry System 3. DGNSS Receiver, Including Differential Signals (2 units) 4. Gyrocompass (2 units) 5. Tug System (4 sets) 6. Valeport 308 Current Meter (2 units) 7. High Resolution Sector Scanning Sonar (2 units) 8. Remote QAQC System (1 set + spares) 9. Equipment - Navigation System & offline PC (1 set) 10. GAPS USBL (1 unit) 11. GAPS Beacons & Chargers (3 units) 12. SVP Probe (2 units)

    2023-09-04 20:40:01

    From Qatar

  • Osiel Perez

    Buena tarde, disculpe tengo un K5 pro y quisiera saber si es normal que su precisión en RTK nunca baje del centímetro siempre está entre 1.5 y 2.5 cm. También quisiera ver si tiene el último firmware instalado y si es que ustedes podrían actualizarlo. Saludos

    2023-08-08 03:31:12

    From Mexico

  • Albert Godswill T

    We need a replacement of our KDE - 28s donggle, i want to give me the cost to buy & ship down to Nigeria.

    2023-07-05 22:50:56

    From Nigeria

  • Shahadat hosen

    I want a rtk. How can i buy it?

    2023-06-24 10:58:20

    From Bangladesh