KOLIDA Instrument (KOLIDA)

The history of the KOLIDA begins in 1989 when Ma Chao, a 30 years old engineer in Guangzhou Survey Equipment Factory opened the first store in Guangzhou city with his co-founders.

The founders of KOLIDA all have background of surveying and mapping. Many of them are from surveyor’s family, graduated from Wuhan university of surveying and mapping technology, worked in Government surveying office, or been trained in survey equipment factories in Switzerland and Japan.

The small store soon establishes itself as the most attractive shopping destination for the young surveyors and engineers in the city. In 1991 it became the exclusive distributor of two Japanese brands and started to expand to whole of China. In 1992 the company developed it own scientific calculator and program to use with total station.

Two researching & developing center were established in Changzhou city and Beijing city in 1993 and 1994. It laid the foundation for future development of all of opto-electronic instruments. Very soon, the first distance meter and electronic theodolite been introduced to the market.

KOLIDA pioneered the introduction of 100% made-in-China total station in the industry, based on the direct control of all processes, applying rigorous quality criteria through all stages of production. From 1995 to 2004, it spent ten years to become one of the most known surveying equipment brands in China. 

In 2005, KOLIDA started expanding business network in overseas market and soon had distributor in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, India and other 20 countries.

Today the KOLIDA brand offers opto-electronic surveying instrument, GNSS positioning systems, LIDAR and UAV photogrammetry technology, combining innovative and sophisticated design with uniqueness of quality products. KOLIDA also operates in the software and accessories sector. 

KOLIDA’s products are manufactured in 5 company-owned sites, 2 of which are located in ChangZhou city, 1 in BeiJing, 1 in WuHan, and 1 in Guangzhou and by a network of long-standing and highly experienced contractors.

Each stage of the production process is directly monitored and controlled: from the selection to the purchase of raw materials (including external suppliers), from the fabrication of prototypes, to the planning and coordination of in-house and outsourced production. 

As of December 31st, 2018, KOLIDA’s distribution network extends across 65 countries. In China it is counting 400 Directly Operated Stores, brand’s e-commerce website, a selection of regional logistic centers and service centers and the most important e-tailers.


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The 5 Group-owned production sites embody the highest expression of the manufacturing tradition of KOLIDA, as they harmonize the ability of preserving artisanal know-how with cutting-edge industrial processes, geared to achieve and respect the manufacturing quality and excellence.

All the factories are well operated for more than 20 years. Production begun after a careful selection conducted on the basis of very strict parameters, aimed to ensure excellent quality with a special focus on working and reliability conditions.





People are the driving force of the Company and a fundamental strategic factor for the competitiveness in an everevolving global market.

KOLIDA is committed to provide safe working conditions, treat employees with dignity and respect. 

In this scenario, the passion, skills and intellectual curiosity of each person lead the Group throughout all its activities. The uniqueness of its heritage and the various abilities consolidated through the years allow every process to be executed with great dedication and care.


R&D History

  • 2017

    · SuperRTK K5plus+

    · Total Station KTS-442R6LC 2018 version

    · Fixed Wing UAV A20 Series

  • 2016

    · Multi-Rotor UAV SkyWalker X60 Series

    · GNSS Data Processing Software: KOLIDA Total Control

  • 2015

    · Aero Photogrammetry Data Processing Software: SkyPhoto

    · GNSS System K5plus

    · GNSS System K9mini

    · 600m Reflectorless Total Station

  • 2014

    · GNSS System K96T

  • 2012

    · GNSS System K9TX

    · 350m Reflectorless Total Station

  • 2010

    · 220 Channels Dual Frequency GNSS System K9T

  • 2008

    · 100m Reflectorless Total Station (the 1st in China)

  • 2004

    · Absolute Encoding Total Station (the 1st in China)

  • Marketing Support
  • Technical Support

Marketing Support

Trade Show

We participate in different kinds of trade shows around the world, using them as precious opportunities to explain our products to customers. 


Office for Latin America

To facilitate better contact with our customers in Latin America, we proactively set up office and service center in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 


Technical Support

We arrange regular training activities to distributors, help them to offer customers the best support to their working experience and to the understanding of the technology, as well as convey the values and corporate culture represented by the products themselves.


  • ISO9001

  • ISO14001

  • ISO45001