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  • Ryan Keenan

    Hello, I'm writing to ask whether Kolida has any post-processing software for its GNSS+IMU rovers? I'm interested to learn more about the capabilities of your software as more and more surveyors in Australia are demanding this feature. Looking forward to your responses. Ryan

    2021-10-15 11:51:50

    From Australia

  • Muhammad Abbas

    We are retailer, we sell total stations to the end customers. We need to buy equipments from you. Please quote us the reasonable prices.thanks WhatsApp 03451205747

    2021-10-13 19:14:57

    From Pakistan

  • Yacouba Conde

    Nous voulons configurer notre appareil kolidak20s .

    2021-10-10 19:43:49

    From Guinée

  • Przemyslaw Ścibiorek

    Hi, I’m LT. Przemyslaw Scibiorek from Military University of Technology in Poland. I’m a member of resarch team which is developing the evidence system for communication disaster. For details localization determining we bougth a Kolida K1 Pro. I have a plan that I integrate some measurements functions into our mobile app. I Wonder that I could on my app send point measure request and in response I receive coordinates of this point. It is possible with Yours product? Do You share any REST API documentation of Kolida interface? Is this interface available for other developers? Regards, Przemyslaw Scibiorek

    2021-09-28 18:26:23

    From Poland

  • Zoran Nedeljkovic

    We are interested for total stations and dealership in Serbia. Please, contact us about. Regards

    2021-09-03 14:43:40

    From Serbia

  • O.G.T.N. Nandasiri

    KTS-445Rc windows 10 drivers downloads link pls send

    2021-08-30 23:34:10

    From sri lanka