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  • Temuujin

    reciver updatinh not working. Recepted area update code give me. K58 plus reciver

    2022-11-13 13:14:50

    From ulaanbaatar

  • Juan

    Manual KOLIDA kts442ut

    2022-10-24 13:04:26

    From Colombia

  • Md.Mahasin gazi

    Hi,Please give me your authorised distributor address in Bangladesh. Thanks.

    2022-10-03 01:27:52


  • N.B.Raut

    i'm interested to purcahse survey euipment and accessories from KOLIDA. I was KOLIDA distributor laong time back.

    2022-09-15 19:03:05

    From Nepal

  • Byron Bianco

    Hi, I have the EgStar v1.03.220606 app on both my South H5 and H6 controllers. On both controllers the satellites are showing my location in Mission British Columbia Canada as Latitude: 49° 7' 58.656" N Longitude: 122° 19' 15.888" E The correct Longitude should be W not E. How do I fix this bug? Thanks

    2022-08-19 09:54:37

    From Canada

  • José Lucas Barrionuevo

    Buen día, soy poseedor un sistema GNSS K20s y estoy necesitando por favor el manual de la Colectora H3Plus. No enciende y no tuvo ningún golpe ni mal trato. Se encuentra en un excelente estado. La batería muy bien. Quizá haya que resetearla. Muchas gracias, les saludo cordialmente.

    2022-07-11 08:36:42

    From Argentina