SkyLines PPK Aeropos Software

SkyLines is engineered to deal with the flight lines and compute precise aerial positional information of drones.

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How to Choose a Suitable Lidar for Your Survey Works?


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    Hello, to buy GNSS KOLIDA in Benin how should I proceed? Does it have after-sales services in Benin? Who is the representative of KOLIDA in Benin? Sincerely Gerald OREKAN

    2020-04-27 17:24:01

    From BENIN

  • SONU

    I need your detailed brousher and product prices as soon as possible. Regards.

    2020-04-26 03:10:14

    From India

  • Preecha (Kai)

    I want to buy your products

    2020-04-22 10:46:11

    From Thailand

  • luc

    bonjour a vous s il vous plait jai besoin de:pièce de rechange station total dtm 102nl:E211670 de la lunette plus la sonde + infra rouge.veillez m'envoyer les photos et prix.j'ai également besoin de la carte de kolida kts442rc numero de la cate :nts360_1212 mainboard thickness:1.60mm.merci.a bientot hello to you please I need: spare part total station dtm 102nl: E211670 of the telescope plus the probe + infrared. please send me the photos and prices. I also need the card of kolida kts442rc cate number: nts360_1212 mainboard thickness: 1.60mm.thank you soon

    2020-04-04 02:54:06

    From benin

  • SARL

    I need a french soft version of the total station KTS_442L. Regards.

    2020-03-04 18:22:18

    From ALGERIA

  • Mrwan

    Hello KOLIDA We are Exact Dimensions Company from libya ,We saw your website and we are interested in knowing detailed lists about your Products and Prices we would like to have A list of what your company Provides . thank you.

    2019-12-05 17:24:03

    From Libya