The fusion of SLAM positioning and Laser Scanning, fit for various indoor/ outdoor high precision mapping projects.

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  • Joe Justin

    I have KOLIDA K5+ Plus, It just fail to connect to data logger by Bluetooth. When I started self check the equipment said Bluetooth fail. How do I fix this

    2023-06-02 02:25:58

    From Côte d’Ivoire

  • Fernando

    Hello, I need the operation manual, CTS-661R10

    2023-05-26 06:09:42

    From Mexico

  • Upgrade Kolida K1pro

    Hi. Please support. Last year I bought a GNSS Kolida K1pro (AB10AB135363153). I upgraded fw 1.09.230320.RB10GL yesterday. After installation, everything looks ok, but I will not activate the IMU sensor (FieldGenius 2.3). SensorType: THREEAXIS_M82, fw version M8-2_V20221123 The sensor needs to be upgraded, please where can I download the driver? Thank you for your help.

    2023-05-11 23:38:30

    From Czechia

  • Richard Simancho

    Hae, am very much pleased to inform you that I have used your instrument and they are truly amazing, hear in Kenya I've seen like a shortage of such magnificent instruments because mostly they are used in Nairobi and hiring them becomes more hard for surveyors and other engineers,,,this is a gap you and I can team up to fill....the larger Nyanza and western region of Kenya are in dire need of gnss and total stations people are willing to purchase and use them....soo I can help in setting out an office in the Kisii region we call it KOLIDA for instance, it will serve the whole region....trust me that it will do great for you guys and me...maybe we can meet the time you're in Kenya and see the significance of my statement...hope this massage will get to you and consider my request....WE ALL WANT TO GROW.

    2023-05-05 03:22:38

    From Kenya


    Hi My name is DEMETRIS PAPASTYLIANOU and I’m from Cyprus.I am the owner of shop that I sale surveying equipment.

    2023-04-27 22:51:15

    From CYPRUS

  • Kolida Team

    @Juan José Calvo Osés, The email we sent to you from export@kolidainstrument.com has been rejected by your mail service. Please write email to us at export@kolidainstrument.com. Or leave your phone number to us. Kolida Team

    2023-03-31 14:03:46

    From a