The fusion of SLAM positioning and Laser Scanning, fit for various indoor/ outdoor high precision mapping projects.

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    Hi, About collaboration of you do not have a local dealer in Burkina or West Africa. Thanks Marcellin

    2021-01-26 01:42:15

    From Burkina Faso

  • luis fernando

    Inglés I need to know if you can give me the opportunity to be a dealer in south in santa cruz bolivia, I can make the first purchase 10 pairs of rtk gps

    2021-01-25 11:40:30

    From santa cruz bolivia

  • karmen paho

    Bonjour, je suis géomaticien et intéresser par un théodolite, une antenne GNSS, un trepied et cinq prismes. bien vouloir me faire une proposition financiere. Nous souhaitons egalement devenir un de vos distributeurs au Cameroun

    2021-01-07 18:43:31

    From cameroun

  • Rabid

    S1 External Radio looks good.

    2020-12-22 16:51:40

    From Bangladesh

  • Yannick Doungmo

    Hi all, We want to buy some equipments from you. More over, we are interested in becoming your reseller here in Cameroon. How can we make that possible ? Regards,

    2020-11-19 16:49:02

    From Cameroon

  • John Jairo maca

    Hola, por favor como puedo adquirir un manual o PDF para programar los GPS KOLIDA k9 mini, y de esta manera poder aprovechar al máximo tan valiosos equipos. Gracias

    2020-11-18 18:37:23

    From Colombia