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Kolida exclusive distributor of Dominica Republic held a series of user conferences


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  • Pedro Aguilar

    Quisiera saber el nombre del distribuidor en Mexico para ver lo de un GNSS Kolida K58 plus con radio externo

    2022-05-19 02:12:56

    From Mexico

  • Georgi Todorov

    Здравейте. Имам Колида K1 Pro. В решението за DGNSS наблюдавам абсолютно всички спътници. При фиксирано решение броят на използваните сателити намалява драстично до 50% и имам проблем с измерванията. Трудно е да се постигне фиксирано решение. Имам друг инструмент Tersus Oscar, който наблюдава всички спътници, независимо дали е фиксирано или dgnss решение. Готов съм да изпратя снимки или да ви дам достъп до инструмента. Моля, решете проблема ми.

    2022-05-17 01:19:51

    From Bulgaria


    Helloo Sir, i delete a field genius (K20s) project by mistake as i was about to export the data in csv form, Is there a way to retrieve the data because it is so vital...and if there its possible how is it done?? Kindly kind me on this ,i will highly appreciate

    2022-04-27 04:56:17

    From KENYA

  • Regina Oballes

    request for quotation for SDE-260D

    2022-04-24 21:16:21

    From Philippines

  • Fabián

    Deseo saber que necesito para ser distribuidor de su marca

    2022-04-22 09:06:20

    From Español


    My unit is RTK Kolida K5 Plus and when we use in low temperature it is easily to Fixed but when the temperature is high it makes Single. Is there a need to update the firmware that my unit is 6 years already or the setting of the unit

    2022-04-20 14:32:17

    From Philippines