Multi-Rotor SkyWalker X63

Multi-Rotor SkyWalker X63

Models:SkyWalker X63

SkyWalker X63 is a multi-rotor UAV platform, payload type includes DSLR camera, 5-lens camera, 2-lens camera, etc.

SkyWalker X63 is the only model on the market with PPK/RTK upgradeability based on multi-rotor platform while all other PPK/RTK models are just fixed wing drones. 

For standard version, flight endurance almost up to 1 hour, with effective aerial photography time up to 40-50 minutes, rarely multi-rotor in the market can reach so long time of endurance time. 

A multifunctional drone ready for multiple payload options (integrated multi-lens camera system, infrared thermal imager, digital wireless video transmitter, airborne LiDAR system, etc.) against a variety of purposes such mapping and other related applications.

Designed with redundancy like double flight control systems for a safer, more reliable flight experience.

5-lens - Copy

2-lens camera

5-lens camera  and 2-lens camera are designed to do projects in oblique photography, and generate 3D models of buildings or terrain models after postprocessing in photogrammetry software, such Smart 3D, Pix4D, etc.

40-50 mins

Effective Photography Duration



xian.jpg2-20 cmGSDxian.jpg5 km

Radio Link Control Range

Down to 25 cm

Absolute Accuracy( w/o GCPs)

xian.jpgDown to 5 cm

Absolute Accuracy (w/GCPs)

xian.jpg8 m/sCruising Speedxian.jpg5 mins

Pre-flight Setup

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