SkyCruiser A22 Series (Discontinued in 2020)

SkyCruiser A22 Series (Discontinued in 2020)

Models:A22/ A22plus

A market-proven fixed-wing UAV.
60 mins

Flight Endurance

xian.jpg10 mins

Preparation Time

xian.jpg1 man


xian.jpg4 hours



Multiple Usage,

High Accuracy.

Fixed-wing UAV A22 series is a ideal solution for topographic survey, contruction survey and monitoring, law action. 

To survey and map a ribbon-type land, fixed wing UAV is more efficient than multi-rotor UAV. Typical application: power lines, road and railway, energy pipe.

The absolute accuracy with GCPs can reach 1cm(H)/ 3cm (V) for A22plus and 2cm(H)/ 5cm(V) for A22.

Data Result

After a flight, user can get raw data of photo and POS file. After processing, Mosaic map, DSM, DEM, DOM, DLG, Point Cloud, 3D model can be generated. 


a22 eff

Easy Operation,

High Efficiency.

Setup time is only 10mins, 3 steps before flying: install, plan, check. Dismount & leave in 10 mins.

Single person operation: 3-4 hours to learn takeoff, 2-3 flights to learn GCS operation.

The endurance of A22 is 60-80 mins, flying speed can reach 75km/h, a single flight can cover 20 sq.km.

Reliable and Durable

A22 is designed to suffer 300 times belly landing without changing parts, long life and low repairing cost. The landing precision is 5m.

Thanks to the advanced Active Safety design, A22 can avoid at least 16 risks during flight.

a22 op

Watch the video of A22 from Youtube:


Watch the video of A22 from Youtube:


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