Let's Go High ------ Takeoff, Capture Data, Landing of Kolida H700 UAV


After pre-flight inspection and flight planning. Now, we are able to fly up and execute our mission.

1.Load Flight Route and Take Off

1) Place the UAV in an open ground, then unfold the propellers.


2) In the flight management screen, click the "flight route selecting" button is in the middle left screen.


Now select the pre-planned flight route file, wait for it to be loaded and displayed on the screen.



3) Click the "Execute" button, check the flying parameter: start/ return hight, mission area elevation (highest), mission area elecation (lowest). 


When it shows "parameters are within the safe range", you can press the GPS button on the drone until indicator light turns green.

Now the pilot should keep a safe distance from the drone, and click "Continue", according to the instructions of ground station software, you can unlock the system, the drone takes off to execute the flght line.

2. Precautions in flight

1) The antenna of the remote controller should always be pointed to the direction of the drone to keep the data link connected. 

2) Observe whether the flying parameters are abnormal (flight direction, pitch angle, roll angle, height, speed, etc).

3) When the drone is executing the flight route, do not move joystick at will to cause the drone to deviate from the flight route.

3. Return and Landing

1) Intelligent Return: when the flight time indicator reaches "H", it will return automatically. 


2) Automatically Landing: when the drone flies above the landing area, tap the joystick to adjust it to a suitable landing point, and wait for it to land automatically.

3) Manually Landing: when the drone flies above the landing area, switch the operation mode to manual (move the mode button to the up "Height Remainin Mode", then quickly switch it to the middle "Hover Mode", then the UAV can be switched to manually control mode). 

Adjust the drone to be above the landing point, softly pull down the lift stick until it lands on the ground.

4) After the UAV has landed , pull down and hold the lift stick until the ground station software shows "locked". Then you can go to the drone, press and hold the "GPS" button until the green light turns to yellow. Now the system is completely locked.

5) Wait for 3 to 5 seconds, then observe whether the photos that were captured by all of five lenses are in the same quantity. If everything is good, press and hold the "power" button to turn off the camera. When you hear 3 times beeps, remove the battery and uninstall the camera from the drone.


4.Re-fly from a Breakpoint

1) During the flight, when the battery is low, the drone will automatially return. If the flight route has not been completely executed, a purple "S" will be marked at the returning point.


2) After changing a new battery and doing the pre-flight checking again, we can continue the flight from the breakpoint. 

Choose flight route file, switch from "not executed" to "executing", the unfinished flight route will be loaded. The drone will re-fly from the marked point and continue the misson.


For global market, Kolida H700/ H700a have been renamed to DroneEco and DroneEco-Pro. See the data sheet at below:


Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qMoVKyGB5OnsWOHJvphIhkkGoJeATv6C/view