FixedWing UAV Flyme in Chile


Santiago, Chile, Oct.25, 2018 — Two engineers from KOLIDA UAV team visited our partner GEOCAS company to implement a series of training and demonstration for the latest Fixed-wing UAV model SkyCruiser Flyme.

Flyme is the newly released model for 2018, it carrys a 42MP SONY RX1 camera, data acquisition accuracy can reach 1-2 cm in horizontal and 5-10 cm in vertical. The whole body weighs 3.5 kgs only, with a wingspan of 150cm it can fly 60-90 minutes. A single flight of Flyme can cover 92 km (60 sq.km).



Presentation to university students

Customers learn to assemble UAV and make 

                                 pre-flight inspection



Use K5plus+ RTK to measure ground control point
Demonstration succeeded