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K9-T Accelerates Tanzania Construction Projects

Date:2014-08-04    View:2107


Kibaha Golf Estate Development Company Limited needs to measure and map thousands of surveying points in Tanga City. This surveying project period is only one week, and Geospatial Partners took over this job.



There are in total 5900 points. If they measure with total stations, this surveying period would last too long, and a lot of data processing jobs would also be generated for later data processing. What more, this may delay the whole construction period, and lead to unexpected losses.



Since 2012, when Geospatial Partners first adopted KOLIDA K9-T, their measuring efficiency has been largely improved. Thanks to K9-T, when the Base Station has been set up in the center of the surveying area, several RTK Rover stations can measure simultaneous. The surveying data and maps can be shown in the data collectors immediately, which greatly reduced in door processing jobs. K9-T operates easily, conveniently, and is full of humanity design. Compared with total stations, new users are more easily to learn and become familiar with the operation. Geospatial Partners’ surveying team finished this surveying project successfully, which proved excellent performance of K9-T.

What’s more, K9-T has also been applied in the following Tanzania surveying projects


2013  Boundary Recovery and Topographical Survey of proposed Bus Terminal at Mbezi Luis    

2012 Boundary Recovery and Topographical Survey of Plot no 504, Block C, Mikocheni-DSM    

2012  Topographical Survey of farm no 190-193 (153 acres), Ruaha Mbuyuni, Kilolo, Iringa region