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KOLIDA CORS provides high quality RTK positioning corrections in Turkey

Date:2014-07-31    View:2129

Over 900 KOLIDA GNSS RTK have been purchased in past a few years in Turkey. Surveyors are used to pay and use the public service of national reference stations network. Whatever the data services occasionally get into breakdown and the signal quality is not good especially when you work in mountainous area or coastal area.

The Selcuk city municipality, an old customer of KOLIDA always suffers this problem and they decided to make a change: build their own CORS station. KOLIDA Engineer visited Selcuk city on March 11, 2013, with the help of local distributor Geoteknik they successfully setup the station and after 3 days testing it became fully operational.


KOLIDA CORS solution provides RTK GNSS high precision (CM accuracy) for various applications like survey works, monitoring, construction control, asset management, cadastre, navigation, etc. A whole set includes: KOLIDA S8+ stations, GNSS choke ring antennas, KOLIDA Eagle series Software.

CORS enables customers to increase productivity and reduce costs – there is no need to use a separate base station within the CORS covering range of 30-100km (radius), surveyors buy and go to field with rover stations only. KOLIDA’s solution is really affordable, reliable and cost-effective. In 2014, another 5 stations have been built in other cities in Turkey.