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K9-T was applied in Macau University Project

Date:2013-01-18    View:1485

Located in the east of Hengqin Island, Zhuhai City, the new campus of University of Macau covers an area of 820,000 square meters which is 20 times larger than present campus, and that makes it can accommodate up to 10,000 students. An under-river tunnel will connect the old and new campuses.  

Since the new campus project was started in 2009, the constructions of main buildings and under river tunnel have gone into the final process, which makes the road and pipeline the next target. And this heavy, urgent and high accuracy work was contracted by Guangzhou Municipal Engineering Limited Company. At earlier stage, this company purchased 4 sets of total stations, but soon, they found that they need a more efficient solution to meet the high precision requirement and tight schedule. So they added 1 set of KOLIDA K9T RTK. 

With Pacific Crest BD970 mainboard inside, K9T is very fast in satellites tracking and initialization.The high-rises of new campus already been completed, so most staking-out works have to be made around those high-rises. Though in such a challenging environment, K9T still presented excellent and reliable performance by getting fixed solution in seconds.

What’s more, the onboard field software KOLIDA Engineering Star was also a powerful workmate. By virtue of its full functions like base map import, road design and point/line stake out etc. , the previous 10 days work can be finished in 2 days, significantly speeded up the project progress and minimized the project cost. 



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