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Grand Gathering In Buenos Aires

Date:2018-06-30    View:377

Buenos Aires, Argentina, June 11, 2018-- KOLIDA partners from 20 countries met at hotel Intersur Recoleta to join the 5th Dealer Conference of Latin America. 

Two years after the meeting in Mexico city, what does KOLIDA go to show at Buenos Aires?

Multi-Function Theodolite with 300m distance measurement and setout program

InfinityRTK with 336 channels and L-band single point precision positioning

The second generation fixed-wing UAV SkyCruiser Flyme 

(with 42MP camera and Active-Flying-Safety Design )

SZT-250 LiDAR System 

(scanning range 250m, collect 100,000 pts/ second, can be used with muti-rotor UAV or car)

A series of newly designed GNSS and GIS software

In 2017, several new products and new technologies have been introduced to Latin America by KOLIDA partners, one of the most important is UAV aero photogrammetry system. Mr. Luis Moreno, a pioneer of this new business, "2018 New Breakthrough Award" winner shared his experience of selling the fixed-wing UAV SkyCruiser A22 to mining management department in Mexico.

Field demo of UAV and LiDAR was performed by Engineer Vincent and Rubine.