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KOLIDA Had a Grand Reunion with Old Friends in Latin America

Date:2017-06-22    View:928

From May 11th to 26th, KOLIDA representative Denzel Lee continuously visited KOLIDA old partners in Chile, Argentina, and Brazil. 

The First Stop: Chile

Denzel Arrived at Santiago city on the early morning of May 11th and went to GEOCAS company immediately. GEOCAS company has more than 13 years experience in providing technical service, instruments sales and calibration to surveyors all over Chile. It established cooperation with KOLIDA in 2005, under the leadership of CEO Mr. Carlos Bravo, thousands of KOLIDA instruments were delivered to Chilean users’ hands in last 12 years, GEOCAS company also became a market leader and one of the most-respected surveying solution providers in Chile.

During the Stay with GEOCAS team, Denzel introduced the main features and new functionalities of the latest GNSS receiver K5plus+ “SuperRTK”, and exchanged experience of total station maintenance, and explained new pricing policy and dealer support strategy. Mr. Carlos Bravo says, the K5plus+ is a very innovative and practical product, it will benefit Chilean surveyors a lot. Besides GNSS, GEOCAS also look forward to introduce KOLIDA UAV system to Chile surveying society in 2017. 
The Second Stop: Argentina
Denzel arrived at his second stop Buenos Aires city in May 14th Sunday and came to RUNCO SA on 
the morning of May 15th. RUNCO SA started operation from the year 1979, after 38 years development it became the most successful and known company in surveying industry of Argentina and Latin America. Runco SA also cooperated with KOLIDA for 12 years, they have ever visit KOLIDA head office in China but this time is the first visit KOLIDA made to Argentina.
During the 5 days co-work with technical team of RUNCO SA, Denzel performed a series of demonstration and testing for K9mini and K5plus+ GNSS receivers, met several customers and listened a few valuable advices and suggestions to KOLIDA total station and GNSS software, and found a number of ways to improve KOLIDA software design. In Latin America, PPK function is so important that surveyors can always get fixed result after post-processing, even the receiver lose the signal while measuring some points in the field. KOLIDA had updated PPK function onto field data collection software but still need to optimize the performance as much as possible, so is the post-processing software KTC. 

The Third Stop: Brazil

The final station of this tour is Porto Alegre city, where ALLCOMP company locates. Same with GEOCAS and RUNCO SA, the setting-up of partnership between ALLCOMP and KOLIDA was in the year 2005. ALLCOMP’s business scope covers both traditional surveying market and agriculture market, in last 12 years they successfully introduced whole series of KOLIDA and SOUTH products to Brazilian market: total station and other conventional optical instruments, RTK, Static GPS, handheld GPS, Echo Sounder and marine survey software.  

From May 21st to 26th, Denzel performed a complete training for the new technician team of ALLCOMP, includes the troubleshooting, testing and repair of all models of GNSS receivers. The colleagues of ALLCOMP also gave back positive response and brought the voice from market to Denzel.

Lots of Thanks

The 16 days journey ended quickly.
The 12 years has passed before we knew it.
The joy, laughter, memory of friendship will never fade away.
Thanks to all of our partners’ effort, KOLIDA could build a good reputation in Latin America market. We will keep doing best to support our distributors in another decade.