KOLIDA is a professional surveyinginstruments supplier, which is dedicated in R&D and manufacturing. Since1989 of its foundation, KOLIDA has developed two R&D and manufacturing basefor total stations, one prism factory, one accessories factory, and then establisheda leading GNSS development center.

Guangzhou GNSS R&D Center has more than 300 engineers, who are dedicated in R&D, manufacturing and testing high-precision GNSS products. Its products mainly consist of Beidou Mainboard, Integrated RTK GNSS Surveying System, Handheld GIS Data Collecting System, CORS System, Dual-frequency Echo Sounder System, relevant surveying software, etc.








Beijing Total Station Manufacture Base was founded in 1994, since then, this base has developed China first electronic theodolite, total station. Thanks to its continuous innovation, China total station has met a leap development from single axis to dual axis compensation, from DOS system to Win CE system, from black-and –white screen to color screen, from 5”, 2” to 1” accuracy. Its R&D and manufacturing ability is by far ahead in China.  


Changzhou Total Station Manufacture Base has passed ISO9001 International quality control system in 2004 and CE certificate in 2007. It mainly produces total stations, handheld distance meters, optical levels, electronic levels. Its yearly outcome for total stations reaches 15000, and other surveying instruments 100000 units.



Wuhan Prism Factory is a worlds’ main provider for prisms, which covers half of global markets. It also producs crossline laser, rotatory laser, plummet laser, and many other kinds of laser products.