Marketing Support

Support of Exhibition, advisement

KOLIDA attends InterGeo and other international exhibitions every year. At same time, we are pleased to join some local fair or exhibition as KOLIDA delegates and visit end clients with distributor.

Promotional material

For making a flexible marketing and sale, we serve our dear distributor with free of charge and free of freight promotional material, such as Roll stander, Poster, Brochure, Promotional novelties.

Market and technical news updating

As our respected distributor, you will be contacted by us frequently and noticed with our latest news of KOLIDA Company, Market plan, Technical development and even kind greetings.

Technical Support

Phone and Email

Comprehensive technical support is not only a quick phone or email away. Your question will be promptly handled by a member of KOLIDA's highly trained and experienced Technical Support Team. For daily technical support and business issue you can contact us 7×24 hours. By email, phone and short messages, 90% of the technical questions are answered in a few hours.

Download from Web

With distributor account and password, you can view and download our newest Service Manual, Upgrading program, Product Manual, software and often-used marketing files.

Training Service

As a very important part of after-sale service, training is being always considered as a vital work of KOLIDA. All of our distributor would be invited to come to KOLIDA headquarter for training. In the other hand, we offer international technical support all year around. This is a precondition of guaranteeing product quality service.

Product Warranty

Total station is offered with warranty of 2 years. GNSS receivers, theodolites and other products are with 1 year wanrranty.
During warranty period, we provide distributor with all spare parts and freight free of charge. For Special Cases we offer extra long time warranty.